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Our Website Design Services

Building a website is more than making each page a pretty picture.

In back of what you see is design code that the search engines use to find your business and discipher all those pretty photos you want your visitors to see. Plus there are Title tags and Description tags and Keywords. Plus CONTENT that the visitor reads and the search engines read to see who you really are and what you are trying to sell or get across.
Most of the time, you have an idea of what you actully want to say but you don't know how to say it to capture your visitors attention before they decide to jump somewhere else. We can take your ideas and turn them into AD Copy. Remember, the first paragraph is the only chance you're going to get to keep them on your site. It is not about pretty pictures, it is about what you, actually, are committed to do and about customer service.

Email vs Form Mail: normal email makes your visitor open their own email program. Form Mail has them fill in blanks & press submit - it is the preferred means of communication on websites. If they are using a mobile phone, then form mail is the way to go. See our Contact Us Page for an example.

Domains & Hosting: On this site we advertise our preferred domain & hosting company ipower. We have been with them for a very long time. Their service has grown better and better plus their customer service is fast and helpful. The fees associated with buying a domain & hosting change once in awhile. When you host your website with them, your domain fees are free for the first year. Mailboxes are free - have as many has you like. There are many free extras also.

Small Business vs word of mouth: yes that does work, however everyone is now connected to a smart phone and wants to find services & products immediately. They will find you if you have a website, see your address, send you form mail, click to call (mobile enabled) the phone number and suddenly you have a potential customer. Plus your site will have a live Google Map.

Photography: We have been doing photography since 1975, then in 1985 we offered our services to the public. We accumulated over 25,000 stock images - mostly Kodachrome 25 slides or Kodak print film before we purchased our first digital Olympus camera in 2001. Although we love our digital camera, we still prefer the total control we had with real lenses and Kodak 25 slide film - especially the polarizer to cut glare. We continue to pursue our love of photography but only offer our services to our website clients. If you are in the Richmond, VA area and need your products photographed for your store, we can do that. Cost: $50.00 per hour plus photo editing for the web, captions & prices for your ecommerce site. Of course if you just want interior and exterior shots we still charge $50.00 per hour plus photo editing for the web. 

LOGOS: We will design your logo or work with the logo you already have so it will be compatible with your website. We charge $200.00 for new logos and $100.00 to redo your logo OR add other design items or colors to your logo. If you purchase our complete package, your logo creation or redo is included.

Scanning: We will scan your prints and fix as necessary (clean and spot or remove problems). If they are to go on your website we will resize them for the web & adjust colors and sharpness. If scanning is all you want with delivery on a DVD, we will provide all images at a high resolution fixed or not in the format you specify. Scanning for this service is $50.00 per hour or prorated for part of hour. At this time, our slide scanner is not in service.
We have several packages for our services:

Full professional package includes everything you will need: Logo Design, photo editing your photos for the web, copywriting - ad copy, and much more. We also include free updates for one year from date of first publish. eCommerce: we will help you sell your items when you get a business PayPal account that we can integrate into your product pages. We do not want to do a large store with lots of products (sorry) but if you have a small amount of inventory or are a charitable organization we will be there for you with PayPal encrypted Buy Now buttons or Add to Cart etc. This includes your Services pages where you may want to require a deposit or a full amount. Or you may want to have a perspective client Place an Order so you may contact them to discuss prices, delivery options, paymemt etc. Whatever you decide, we can do for you.

Our professional package does not include web hosting however, we do have a web host we would like you to use because they have benefited us and all our clients for many years. You can buy your Domain from them or Transfer your Domain and purchase hosting which includes your hosting and includes your Domain free. After the first year, you will need to renew both your hosting and your domain. Your Domain is a Legal entity and belongs solely to you. It becomes your business asset and has value so choose wisely. You may want to pay for security of your domain - that keeps others from knowing who owns the domain and your address. Some people may want to purchase hosting for more than one year - that is also up to you. However, when you pay for more than one year, you get the special introductory price for the 2nd and 3rd years - what a savings!

So whatever you choose, we Thank You!
Our design services require a Deposit of $85.00 which you may pay by Business Check, personal check or your credit card through PayPal. We develop websites only in Continental USA.
We do most of our business online through email or phone. If you are local, we can come to your business.
We strive to do our very best for everyone whether you and your business choose us or not - we will be there to help.
Dianne A Jones / 804-746-3949
HOLDSTILL Productions
Small Business Website Design Since 2001

Please select from our drop-down list to pay in full
or make a deposit. Thank you!

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If you have any other questions, please give us a call or send us an email.
The packages listed above include free updates for 1 year after publish.
We recommend the $425.00 package as it includes everything you will need up to 15 pages and/or limited ecommerce, logo creation, submits to search engines & directories, photo editing for the web, copywriting and more.
Thank you for your consideration.
The Buy Now button will take you to PayPal where you may select PayPal OR your own credit card.

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