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Hello from Hanover County Virginia !
     We have resided here since 1975 when we moved our 1937 home from the highway to a lovely nature spot back in the woods. Hanover is a rural area that has lots of farm fields and in recent years new sub-divisions. We are still surrounded by farm fields and are blessed to see all kinds of wild plants and flowers and also wild animals and birds which we have photographed over the years. This led to a stock photography and freelance professional photography business starting in 1985. In that year we also took the Va. Extension Master Gardener's Class and learned alot and also helped alot of people. We still plant a garden each year and can or freeze the wonderful produce. We used to make homemade combination jam to sell all over the US but discontinued that about 2004. We also stopped being freelance and stock photographers around that time. We still have over 50,000 stock images and someday may get back to marketing them. So the only photography we do now is for pleasure and for the commercial local businesses that choose our website services.

     In 1980, my parents passed away and left us their huge antique estate. We packed it up and put it in storage while we worked other jobs and raised our son. Finally, we opened boxes, did research and I designed our 1st website to sell these items in 1998. We called it 100 Tons of Stuff To Sell - Estate Antiques - www.100tonsofstuff.com and it has been revised many times. Our program of choice then was Microsoft Frontpage and we still like it but times have changed and we have new up-to-date do everything software we love. Our antiques site is being redone also but that will take quite awhile as there are many many items.

 This site is designed with that new software. In the meantime we want you to know that we love website design. Our college training in art and writing plus photography and experience in search engine optimization - SEO - give us a benefit most designers do not have. Plus we enjoy the interaction of talking to or emailing our clients who become our friends.

We love what we do and we love our small business clients because we are all small business owners trying to succeed. So we are there for you, even if you just want to chat, or ask our advice.
Dianne A. Jones - Owner/Proprietor
'HOLDSTILL!" Productions Small Business Website Design
& Business Photography
Hanover, VA. 23069

Social Media - we are members of: https://www.linkedin.com/in/holdstillproductions
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