Insects & Spiders - Beneficial Species

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"HOLDSTILL!" Productions
Beneficial Insects & Spiders Stock Photography
all VA - Gallery For Viewing Only

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INSECTS: Put Curser over image to get identity. 

American Hover Fly H cr 85082208  DAJones Bald Faced Hornet Nest V cr 84080701  DAJones Cicada Killer Wasp w/Cicada prey 86073126  DAJones
Dragonfly on Limb Over Pond V #99061917  DAJones Dragonfly on my Clothesline 83082234  DAJones Dragonfly in the Grass Closeup  DAJones
CarolinaMantis on Rose Cr 84091716  DAJones  

Carolina Mantis & Cricket Prey 87101331  DAJones


RobberFlys Mating Pair cr 83060026  DAJones


Preying Mantis (1) Nymph-Young 87050113 just Hatched  DAJones Preying Mantis Hatching 87050106  DAJones Preying Mantis Nymph H cr 87050105  DAJones
Preying Mantis Egg Mass V cr 87050109 Hatching  DAJones Preying Mantis Egg Sac in Cedar Tree Cr4121228  DAJones Preying Mantis Adult V 82090031  DAJones
Damselfly on Green Leaf V 97061110  DAJones Preying Mantis Mating Pair V 86091738  DAJones Preying Mantis & Argiope Spider w/prey in grass H 87082423  DAJones
Preying Mantis & Argiope Spider in grass view 2  H cr 87082522  DAJones Inchworm Parasitized w/Tachinid BeeFly V cr 85052023  DAJones Tomato Hornworm Parasitized by Tachinid Fly Larva - Cocoons visible 86072919  DAJones
Sphinx Moth - Hornworm V 88070219cr  DAJones Assassin Beetle Wheel Bug 871913334  DAJones


Steel Blue Cricket Killer Wasp Digging burrow to lay eggs cr 86072909  DAJones
Paper Wasp Nest w/EggsClose-up 85071120  DAJones Paper Wasp Nest w/Larva 85071110  DAJones Paper Wasp Nest w/Larva Cr 85071119  DAJones
Thread-Waisted Wasp resting V cr 88091316  DAJones Yellow Jacket Wasp Eating Spicebush Caterpiller V 87102303  DAJones Yellow Jacket Closeup Eating From 87102303  DAJones
Dobsonfly Adult View 1 on side of house at night H 86070708  DAJones Dobsonfly Adult View 2 on side of house at night V 86070704  DAJones There are many more Beneficial Insects - we suggest purchasing a Guidebook to identify for yourself all the insects you may find.

SPIDERS: All Images Copyright Protected
All Rights Reserved


Argiope Male &Female Spider on same web V 90090605  DAJones

Black Widow Spider w/Prey V cr 87070304  DAJones  Black Widow Spider Close-up H cr 86041903  DAJones

Crab Spider with Tachinid Fly V 85082206  DAJones

Hatching Spiders - Orb Weavers - in Rosebush leaves 87070333cr  DAJones
Wolf Spider - large - about 4 inches  D.A.Jones  

Nursery Web Spider carrying her Egg Sac on Green Pea vines in garden V 90061213  DAJones


Many more Insect & Spider Images Available. Thank you for looking!

Please do not copy & paste these images - they are copyright protected.Thank you for your cooperation.
If you need help on a school project, please email me.

Images shown are scanned from Kodachrome 25 or 64 Slides or are digital..
Digital delivery available. Over 3000 insect and spider images available.
Your query will be responded to the same or next day by email. Thank You!

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"HOLDSTILL!" Productions Photography /
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