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Homemade in Historic Hanover County, Virginia

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 Wednesday, May 28, 2014 

We do not make or sell jam anymore - sorry.

We would like to promote Watkins Products: http://www.jrwatkins.com/jrwatkins/index.cfm?Country=Usa
These are the pure products you love for cooking & baking, health & beauty and many other items. You can order directly from their site & they have monthly specials. I love their Double Strength Vanilla.

We would like to promote: Heavenly Celebrations Catering right here in the metro-Richmond, VA area. As with the book listed below Sheryl is now offering a variety of heavenly food for your lunch, dinner, appetizers and parties or events. We have enjoyed Sheryl's food for quite awhile and can honestly say she is a fantastic cook and her catered events are also designed with style. Check out her new website or give her a call or send her an email.

We are happy to promote a new cookbook: ALLICOOKINONEBOOK by our friend Sheryl Snellings of Hanover County VA. She has been cooking up wonderful stuff, catering and making healthy tasty food for upteen years. She shares her own unique recipes plus family favorites and friends - all kitchen tested. Cookbooks are here now - November 18th, 2010 so you can order right now and pick it up or have it shipped. Plus every cookbook sold will include a donation to the American Breast Cancer Association. Send her an email or give her a call : 804-237-2111 (she is also a wedding planner!). Thanks - I already paid for mine! Dianne


 "All I Cook In One Book" by Sheryl Snellings, P. O. Box 1507, Mechanicsville, VA 23116

Please make checks $12.95 ea + $5.25 Shipping (USA) payable to S. Snellings.  You may also Email: allicookinonebook@gmail.com to order.

Thanksgiving Recipe: Cranberry-Banana Jam

Items to buy: 1 pkg. Fresh Cranberries, 1 Green or tart Apple, 1 Orange, 2 Bananas

Wash & de-stem fresh cranberries & chop lightly in food processor. Wash, Core Tart Apple & chop in Food Processor. Peel orange and remove seeds & chop in food processor. Peel 2 ripe bananas & mash with fork.

In Enamel Pot: ADD all Chopped ingredients, a dash of Salt & a small pat of butter or margarine (to reduce foaming) and OPTIONAL: Cinnamon and or Vanilla. ADD: 1 Cup of Water, 2 Cups of Sugar stir together well. Bring to a boil stirring constantly for 10 min. ADD mashed Bananas. Stir and boil gently until jam sets - about 15 min. Yield: 7 half pints.

TO CAN THIS JAM: use clean 1/2 pint jars and new lids w/bands (bands do not have to be new, just have no rust). Place clean jars in a tall pot w/a spacer in the bottom (wire rack) & fill with clean water & bring to a boil. Remove jars one by one carefully & tip over to remove water back into pot or use water to fill a container you have placed your bands & lids in so they will be hot. Place hot jars on board where you will be filling with jam. Take hot pot to same location & use a dipper to ladle out the jam (I use a glass 1 cup measuring cup) into the jars filling almost to the rim. Fill all jars and take to canner pot. Wet a clean paper towel and wipe each jar rim clean. Use tongs to remove lids & bands and place on top of each jar screwing down just enough but not tightly. Place each jar in the canner with jar lifter. When all jars are in the canner, water should completely cover all of them. If not, take the hot water out of the pan you had the lids in and add this to the pot. Put on the lid and turn the burner on high bringing the pot to boil. When water is boiling, turn burner down to medium high & boil for 15 min (set timer). When buzzer sounds, turn off burner and wait 10 min then open lid carefully & set aside. Remove each jar with jar lifter to a board or flat pan you have covered with a towel. When all jars have been removed you can use the water to wash the jam pot & utensils used to make the jam. DO Listen for Lids to Ping to let you know the jars have sealed. DO NOT move jars, DO NOT tighten bands - wait at least 15 min. IF a jar did not seal after you have waited, then you may tighten the band. If that jar still does not seal you will have to let it cool and place it into the refrigerator. ANY JAM NOT CANNED SHOULD BE COOLED & REFRIGERATED. This jam will not keep on the shelf if it is not canned because it has bananas in it. NOTE: Cranberries have lots of seeds in case you should not be eating fruit w/seeds plus this jam has lots of fiber.


To all of our jam & preserve customers for the last 8/10 years - I Thank You! Since this has always been an effort of Love rather than a profitable venture & because the costs have risen so dramatically to purchase fruit, sugar & jars, I have decided (with some urging from my husband) to QUIT making jam & preserves to sell.

With your permission, I would like to make this site about Good Healthy Food through "from scratch" recipes to notes about my disdain for pre-packaged food & the ingredients they contain that are harming our health.

FIND PRODUCE STANDS IN YOUR STATE: http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/farmers-market/fall-favorite-roadside-farm-stands-129286

So to start this off, here are 3 ingredients you should stop using, buying, look for on pre-packaged food & drinks, etc:

MSG = Monosodium Glutemate

High Fructose Syrup - corn syrup reconfigured

Sugar Substitute by any name although we have personally tested all the Not Sugar products - we will only indorse one: STEVIA made by the Sugar in the Raw people - in a green package. Although it does have a taste, it is less noticeable than any of the other products out there & they are all expensive. We also purchased the actual STEVIA plant at a garden center & find the leaves very sweet. You will need to repot it & put it inside during the winter as it is not hardy.

Why stop using these, you ask? First, MSG is a meat tenderizer - think about that a moment.......inside your stomach & into your body, in lots of stuff including that soup you are feeding your children so READ THE LABEL. Yes, it is supposed to "make food taste better" which is why it is in everything. A lady decided she was going to make a spaghetti sauce with peanut butter in it & got rave reviews from everyone. When she went to market, MSG was put into her product by her sponsor/manufacturer - I looked at the label. I was sad for her. She was made to put an ingredient into her product she really didn't need & I will never buy it. Lately, I have seen products that state on the label "no msg" so maybe someone out there is getting the message. Again: READ THE LABEL.

High Fructose Corn Syrup -  used by almost every major food maker because it is already a liquid & because it is cheaper to include in the recipe. So what's the matter with this ingredient, you ask...? Digestion of your food requires some fat & sugar - real sugar. This product is not real sugar. The body knows it is not sugar & Stores it - yes I said Stores it, saves it, whatever you want to call it, the body does not treat it like real sugar. Real Sugar is used and passes out of the body. It helps assimilate your food to give you the best of what you are eating. Real sugar can be found in fruit & vegetables, cane sugar, beet sugar, bleached or unbleached or raw - it is recognized by the body. High Fructose Corn sugar (syrup) mostly just goes to your hips so if that's what you want keep on eating it.

Sugar Substitutes - not real sugar, made from ingredients that may be sweet or from ingredients that have nothing to do with sugar and are actually harmful. If you are diabetic, I recommend Splenda but with caution. I highly recommend STEVIA in the green package. It has a less bitter taste than the other brands on the market & it is made in a more pure way. I hesitate to mention the ones that no one should be using, ever, but I will say that the particular product I am taking about was developed by G. D. Searle Drug Company about 1978-1980 & is related to aspirin. After approval by the FDA many food producers started using it & now it is in almost everything labeled low-sugar, diet, sugar reduced, for diabetics including all the diet sodas out there. It has a taste you cannot mistake - again, it is derived from aspirin - has been known to produce nervousness, headaches, & may be (have to say this) addictive. Plus other side effects not mentioned here. Many health professionals are suddenly agreeing with me but this product has been on the market for 20+ years & the damage has already been done to us & our children. This product goes by several names - all equally bad for you.

Recipes from scratch - how hard can this really be? Believe me, it's not. I can make spaghetti from start to finish in about 30 min using either fresh tomatoes, or canned tomatoes, bell peppers, fresh onions, fresh celery, real garlic or garlic powder (no salt), any meat you have left over, canned mushrooms, water & pasta. First sauté  the onions, bell pepper, celery & garlic in OLIVE OIL with a lid on your pot. Stir several times until cooked thru but not done. Add tomatoes & all liquid. Add you favorite spices. Let simmer with lid for 15 min on medium - stir as needed. Add left over meat or poultry - stir. Add enough water to make it look like soup & bring almost to a boil. Add broken up pasta (brake into 3rd or 4ths) - your choice - about 1/2 or 1/3 of a 1 lb pkg. Simmer until pasta is cooked - about 15 min or less with the lid on & stirring as needed. Remove from heat, stir well & serve with your choice of shake on cheese. The best part of this recipe is adapting it to what is in your fridge left over whether it be corn, peas, broccoli, green beans - it doesn't matter because the taste of the tomatoes will 'cover' the vegetables added. Tomato juice may be substituted for part of the water as well as left over gravy, juice from cooked vegetables - you get the idea. Add the already cooked veggies last with the mushrooms & stir in well making sure they are completely heated thru. Any pasta for spaghetti may be used but must be broken up & stirred in so the extra liquid you added will be absorbed during cooking. I use my own canned tomatoes but recommend Kroger brand or Del Monte. If you added too much water or liquid even for the pasta fix it by adding instant potato flakes OR corn starch you have mixed with a little water (not flour) until of desired thickness of sauce.

Pork chops, chicken, fish coating mix - use biscuit mix or pancake mix with your favorite spices added, dry milk & cornmeal if you have it, sugar if you want. Wash meat/poultry/fish pieces, drop into bag & shake & bake or you can pan fry - use olive oil. Bags: use bread bags, clear no zip bags that you can buy at Kroger that are bread size will do - throw away when finished - easy!

Things to remember! The refrigerator will only suspend the degeneration of food for a limited amount of time so matter how good you try to "save" it, time is not on your side and it will spoil. If you have the least bit of doubt that the food is bad or has a kinda not right smell - please throw it out. Food poisoning is soooo bad you will wish you could just die - been there several times (and it wasn't my own food!). The rule is: take it out of the fridge, smell it, heat it to BOILING & that will definitely tell you if it is bad or not. And do not feed it to your pets either.

Spices: please read the ingredients before you buy. You do not need MSG - remember it is a flavor enhancer BUT it is also a meat tenderizer. Do you want that in your diet? There are really good spices out now that have no salt & they also have no msg - again read the label. I also recommend no salt combo spices available at Kroger & cheaper than the name brand & very good. If you want seasoned salt try Lowery's or McCormick (no msg). Real vanilla is expensive however if you are going to go to the trouble to make a sweet delight you should use real vanilla.

BUTTER vs MARGARINE: the later takes so much effort to produce and so many chemicals to get it to be soft that margarine is actually NOT good for you. I have personally gone back to Real Butter. If you use less, there will be no problems. When cooking, use butter or Olive Oil. When making cakes, use olive oil or Canola or the Olive Oil/Canola mix. When making pie crusts, use butter - not margarine & not lard & do not buy pre-made pie crusts which use lard - yuck!

Times are so bad that chicken is on our menu alot. No mater how you prepare it, make sure it is DONE all the way through to the bone and for safety ALWAYS WASH chicken (ignore the new instructions not to wash chicken), never use utensils or countertops/cutting boards till you have washed them after chicken and wash your sink. If you do only run the water enough to wash the meat (and I was pork chops also) then it will not splash plus just hold it closer down in the sink. CHICKEN trick: use a pot large enough to soak fresh chicken whole or parts in very salted water & cover with a lid. Let stand in this salty water at least an hour. Your chicken will be "cleaner" & more tender from the salt. Rinse & cook as desired. Pork is also in this category - please wash it & scrape your pork chops with a knife & running water to get off that stuff the cutting blade from the store left on them - not to mention that awful meat tray...

More to come!




D. A. Jones, P. O. Box 1718, Mechanicsville, VA. 23116-1718

Phone: 804-746-3949

Hanover County, Virginia - where our nation's founding was planned by our own Patrick Henry.

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